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All players who got cut today can do everything that our team does up until Feb 11( at this date you will be presented another chance to tryout for the team ).
That means you can go through all the workouts this summer and this fall.  So, just because you got cut , this does not mean you are done for sure , it just means I need to see more and see how you progress up until Feb 11. I have keep numerous players over the years after cutting them in the summer.  I will take phone calls Saturday from 12-2 concerning tryouts , but not before then.
Honestly this is a very difficult process and not an exact science and I promise I have not taken it lightly . By far this is the hardest part of my job.

Matt Buckner / 8653683141

**** also all the players on the list here need to send all there information(phone numbers , parent phone numbers, all emails, address, etc) to ,  this is our current booster club president AJ Joyce.

Also all players on this list will need to attend 12 out of these 15 workouts this summer which are listed below

High School Workouts (9:30-10:45)
June 14, 15, 16
21, 22, 23
July 12, 13, 14
19, 20, 21
26, 27, 28