2018 Season to Begin

Scrimmage games are over.  A few practices are left tweaking the product on the field.  The WORK is not over, it is just about to begin for the 2018 Season.  This is yet another year where the Ads will open their Season at the Beach.  This year they are traveling a little farther south to participate in the Hall of Fame Spring Classic in Pompano Beach, Florida opening up with Port St. Lucie Centennial High School.  http://hofball.net/teams/default.asp?u=SUNSBASEBALL&s=baseball&p=custom&pagename=-SPRING+CLASSIC-

To realize the WORK is ahead, just pull up the Varsity Schedule for the year. A tough campaign for a tough team.  A strong group of Seniors with one of the deepest High School Staffs in Ad History will make for a competitive season.  So Admiral Family get packed, travel safe and the fans left here in the cold and rain will follow on twitter, game changer and Facebook.

Ads continue to WORK and represent!