2019 JV Season…..

……is in the books. Like so many programs in the area, rain outs, delays, schedule changes appeared to rule the day most of the season. Having said that the Admiral JV Team finished a successful 24-9-1 for the season. Records for JV Teams are really tough to determine if it is a success or not. That determination will be made in the fall when practice begins for the 2020 campaign. Sometimes compared to the minor leagues in MLB, it is not “minor” to be engaged to 30+ games to allow a player to develop, get better and more importantly determine what he needs to work on to play at the next level. It is not demeaning nor a minor thing to be in the funnel for a High School Program like the Farragut Admirals. The Bar is HIGH which just defines what players need to do to contribute years down the road. It is always amazing to see these young men in a few years after a few growth spurts hit. Regardless of any record, any year, players should look back on each game, each at bat, each play in the field and certainly the season to determine what they need to do physically and mentally to be ready for the next season. Big Thanks and Congrats to Coach Newby, Coach Sharp, Coach Schulze and all the Parents that supported the Ad JV Team during this successful season.