The Farragut Baseball “Legacy” was given another boost this week and as the Ad Family says, “Another Ball on the Wall”! This group developed a team mindset that was a great assist to all the work that was put in over the year. The record stands for itself and the journey was made easier with the combo of Senior Leadership and a group of Underclassmen that did NOT want this class to graduate without a championship. Individual play and work are critical, but when selfless teamwork and common purpose come together, championships usually follow. This team WANTED IT, came together and worked to GET IT!

Congratulations to Coach Matt Buckner along with Coach Garrett Copeland, Coach Daniel Sharp, Coach Bill Mink, Coach Mark Newby, and Coach Sam Schulze. The amount of hours and work these men put in contribute to these young men both on and off the field for life.

Congratulations to the Dugout Club and all the parents. A program like Farragut does not have the success it has without ALL the support and the “grind” you exhibit!

SO, what is the NEXT Step! Well this is Farragut Baseball and expectations and challenge is always there. The process is started again as always with the annual June Camp and then WORK begins anew for next season. Underclassmen on the “dog pile” last night experienced and got that “feeling”. Just as important they are starting to understand the work and commitment it takes to keep that “Bar High”.

Celebrate AD Family. You have earned it!