Admiral Updates

Coach Daws will be able to play Santa again this year for some children in need in the DC area.   A bunch of “elves” in the form of Admiral Baseball supporters have very generously given Coach a “load” of new toys and school supplies for him to deliver.

A very close friend of  Coach Daws works as the school psychologist at Truesdell and through her I learned about the level of need that her kids have.  The kids range in age from 3-18 and many of them are in terrible situations at home and their time at school is a welcomed relief from the stresses they feel in the evenings and on the weekends.

Last year Coach Daws was able to give the school somewhere in the ballpark of 65 baseball gloves, 50 used baseball bats, and many other useful items that were donated by the Farragut Baseball parents and players.  The equipment gave the kids a positive and safe way to use their time after school and the staff at Truesdell were very thankful that we thought of their kids.

This year, after speaking with my friend at the school, I am asking any willing participants to donate new board games, educational games/toys, play doh, or art supplies for the kids.

From the looks the Collection area, Coach Daws will have to find a bigger truck this year to deliver all the items the Farragut Baseball Family contributed!  Thanks to all who particiapted in making someone elses Christmas a little brighter.

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