The bar is set high.  Legacy.  Tradition.  4 Peat.   National Rankings.  State Rankings.  Regional Championships.  District Championships.  Although we talk about all of these, None of these define Farragut Baseball.

The Admirals finish the 2012 campaign at 35-9 with a return trip to State and the BIG news is they didnt repeat this year as champions.   That is a testimate to the program.   The Ads do strive to Win it all every year.  But they make those strides with determination, work, and effort with an eye toward the Boro each year.   Coming up a little short this year with the youngest Admiral Team ever fielded is nothing to be ashamed of, nor is it to used as an excuse.   Youth, injuries and other bumps in the road are not excuses, merely teaching points allowing the team members to analyze what each needs to work on to build toward the 2013 season.

These Admiral Teams over the years that take the field showing class and sportsmanship only ask for one thing…….an opportunity, a chance, a game – roll the ball out and may the best man win.   If you win, we will congratulate you, evaluate our game and go back to work to make it better.

After the Admirals return home today and enjoy a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with family and friends, they will go to work next week, beginning the grunt work that  is required to keep the program at the level they and previous Ads have enjoyed for years.  Check the cages, field and weight room next week at FHS.   That is where you will find Farragut Baseball!!