2017 Scott Dean Memorial Tournament


2017 Scott Dean Memorial Tournament – April 12,13,14,15

Hosted by Farragut, Christian Academy of Knoxville, Grace Christian School, Maryville, Hardin Valley  and Bearden High Schools 


Wednesday, April 12:


6:00 CAK vs. Sissonville, WV


Thursday, April 13:

At Farragut High School

6:00 Farragut vs. Mt. Juliet

At Maryville:

6:00 Maryville vs. Seymour

At Bearden High School

5:00  Bearden vs. Sissonville, WV


5:00 CAK vs. Shady Springs WV

7:30 CAK vs. Murfreesboro Central Magnet

At Grace:

5:00 Grace vs. Tolsia, WV

7:30 Grace vs. Bardstown, KY

At Hardin Valley:

6:00 Hardin Valley vs. Thomas Worthington, OH


Friday, April 14:

At Farragut High School

10:30  Farragut vs. Bardstown,KY

1:00 Walker Valley vs. Murfreesboro Central Magnet

4:00 Farragut vs. Murfreesboro Central Magnet


3:00 CAK vs. Tolsia,WV

5:30 Walker Valley vs. Tolsia, WV

At Bearden High School:

11:00 Bearden  vs. Shady Springs, WV

1:30 Sissonville, WV vs. McCallie

4:00 Mt. Juliet vs. McCallie

At Hardin Valley

11:00  Hardin Valley vs. Mt. Juliet

1:30 Hardin Valley vs. Morristown West


At Grace:

11:00 Thomas Worthington, OH vs. Ooltewah

1:30  Grace vs. Ooltewah

4:00 Bardstown, KY vs. Seymour

At  Maryville:

5:00  Thomas Worthington OH vs. Maryville


Saturday, April 15

At Farragut:

11:30 Farragut vs. Sissonville, WV

2:00  Thomas Worthington, OH vs. Seymour


10:00  Bardstown KY vs. McCallie

12:30 Walker Valley vs. McCallie

3:00 Walker Valley vs. Morristown West

5:30 Morristown West vs. Grace

At Bearden:

10:00 Mt. Juliet vs, Bearden

12:30 Murfreesboro Central Magnet vs. Bearden

At Maryville:

10:00 Mt. Juliet vs. Maryville

12:30 Ooltewah vs.  Maryville

At Grace:

10:00 Shady Springs WV vs. Seymour