Admiral Updates

Friday April 27th


JV End of the Year Tourney in Oak Ridge


vs. Cookville L 2-4


The End of the Year Tourney got off to a slow start.  The blue bats just

couldn’t get the clutch hit they needed which ultimately stranded

12 runners.  The good guys out pitched, out hit, and out played Cookville

but couldn’t out score them.

Peter Pratti’s shut out streak ended at 11 innings,  in this game he had

4 Ks, gave up 4 hits and 4 runs, but just 1 was earned.  Eric Lessig had 2 hits

and 1 RBI and Roy Mutta had 2 hits and a web gem nailing a runner at 3rd from

his center field position.


Saturday April 28th


vs Heritage W 5-2


Things turned around for the JV Ads on Saturday.  Eric Lessig mowed down

the Heritage hitters ringing up 11 Ks over 6 innings, 2 hits and 2 runs were all he allowed.

Reed Schneider got the save, 1K 1 inning.  Brandon Donathan’s web gem ended the game

when he went way back from his SS position to deny a Texas leaguer.  Jake Applegate

started the game with a double, Nico Mascia and Roy Mutta

also doubled.


vs Bearden  W 9-6


Carson Strickland got the bump for the second game and battled through 5 innings.

Carson line read 4 Ks, 6 hits, 6 runs, 3 earned and he handed over a 3 run lead

to Reed Schneider.  Reed got his 2nd save of the day with 3 Ks  and no hits or runs in

2 innings.

Jake Applegate again led off with a double and added a single, 2 runs and a RBI.

Carson had 2 intentional walks(Fear the Bull) and a single.  Sam Schultze had a double

and a clutch RBI.  Landon Foody crushed the ball with 2 hits, a double and 2 RBIs.  Tyler Lugo

had a hit off the centerfield wall that drove in 2.

Web gems almost every inning started by Foody’s high leap at 3rd ended by a Lugo scoop.

Next up was Schulze matching Foody’s hops snaring a liner.  The short stop, Brandon Donathan,

did not want to be left out and added 2 beauties.  The 1st was a grounder deep in the hole that

reminded me of Jeter and the 2nd was B-Don laying out for a liner.


4/30/12 JV Ads vs Alcoa

End of Yr Tourney

W 7-5


The last game of pool play matched the JV Ads against the

Alcoa Tornadoes.  Austin Stapleton got the ball and started the

game with 3 scoreless innings, the 4th frame yielded an unearned run.

In the 5th the bad guys tied the game at 5 with Roy Mutta closing the

inning and ultimately getting the win.  The web gem goes to Stapes for

an inside move on a runner at 2nd that lead to a pickle and the 3rd out

of the first inning.

With the game tied and a semi-final berth on the line Jake Blevins

put a 3-2 two out grounder in play to the Alcoa 3rd baseman.  Landon Foody

scooted home from 2nd with the winning run on the ensuing throwing error.

Austin Scheidt had a triple and scored, Nico Mascia had a double and RBI,

Brandon Donathan had 2 singles and a run, Landon Foody had 2 runs and

scored twice and Roy Mutta had 2 hits, 1 run and a stolen base.



5/1/12 JV ADs vs Catholic


L 3-6


In the final game of the JV season the Catholic pitcher, AKA “umpire’s relative?”,

had the ability to hit the strike zone that flitted about like a humming bird.  One of

the Ads pitchers said he missed location and threw belt high dead center, “Ball”.


Jake Applegate had a single with 2 RBIs, Sam Schulze had a double and single.

Carson Strickland had a sac fly that scored Austin Scheidt for the first run of the game.

Brandon Donathan and Roy Mutta both had 2 hits with 1 run scored.  Roy Mutta got the web

gem for his strike to the plate from right field that ended the brutal 2nd inning.

The Ads used Peter Pratti, Eric Lessig, and Reed Schneider on the mound, this group

known for ringing up Ks combined for 2 ks over 7 innings, just saying its hard to hit a humming bird.

All three pitched well as they allowed only 6 hits. The JV ADs will now lend their support

to the Varsity in the pursuit of another Tennessee Title.