Admiral Updates

Kyle Waldrop and Michael McKenry have been playing together from youth travel ball through their Career as Admirals.

Michael signed with MTSU to play college ball and Kyle was taken in the first round by the Twins.  After the twins released Kyle, the Bucos have signed him  and what a site that may be, for an ALL Ad battery in the Bigs.  Good luck Kyle on your reknewed career and the Bucs may even find out Kyle can hit the ball also!!

From the above post = Kipper: Kyle Waldrop was one of the best HS pitchers to come out of East Tennessee, and I think he and Michael McKenry were battery mates on the undefeated, state champion Farragut HS Team in 2003? He never quite got it going with the Twins and was a SP for 4 years with decent but not great numbers. Then an arm injury – possibly TJ in 2008 – and they have been working him in the bullpen ever since. He had some decent numbers last year for the Twins. Probably a referral from McKenry, but the Pirates are loaded with excellent bullpen guys coming out of AAA.